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The Story

A Texan genetics company, Keida Biotech, ran human trials with a new bacteria strain that was meant to allow eternal life. Those that participated in the companies trials died within weeks. The town mourned as they buried their loved ones, but days later the dead began to rise from their graves.

Now the dead are fighting back and Texas has been quarantined by the authorities. The remaining humans have set up survival camps trying to fend off the zombie attacks to buy them time before their inevitable doom. read more

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The Story

A Texan company created for the sole purpose to study immortality through genetics, Keida Biotech, worked in hopes of one day isolating a gene that could be repurposed to allow for eternal life.

Much to his surprise, Dr. Conrad Breyer, the company's lead scientist made a discovery while researching a resulting bacteria strain from one of the gene studies they were conducting and immediately alerted the CEO of his findings. While Dr. Breyer wanted to administer further checks into the bacteria before running any human trials, the company's CEO, Allan Keida, only had money in his sights.

In the coming weeks all the test subjects showed promising signs until disheartening lesions begun to form on their bodies. First they were only small but they continued to grow until they covered entire limbs and organs, this of course lead to 100% fatalities among the subjects.

Within only months of the first trial rounds, participants started to drop like flies. It didn’t take long for the media to catch a whiff of what was going on they hit back hard at Keida Biotech, which alerted the authorities who then began a scathing audit on the company's practices. Allan Keida was not a man to face scrutiny, and suddenly disappeared without a trace. Locals were left to mourn for their lost loved ones, all the while the man responsible could not be found and held to justice.

Only days later those who were buried started to rise from their graves, attacking anything and anyone in their sites. They were unable to reason, unable to recognise their loved ones, unable to feel anything. It was like all humanity had been drained from them.

The worst of it is not that they had risen from the dead, but that they were spreading whatever the unholy bacteria strain they were struck with. It was spreading fast. So fast that Texas had to be quarantined. The authorities couldn't take the risk of evacuating anyone because so little time had passed that they could not identify the symptoms.

Small groups of humans banded together in order to survive, some larger groups built self-sustained survivor camps and managed to consistently defend themselves from the zombie attacks. You called one of these camps your home, but one day you decided to venture out in search of something other than swine to eat... you were ambushed.

You woke up covered in lesions and they were spreading fast. Your vision and memory started to fade and you passed out once again. When you woke up next you were one of them.

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