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The Story

A Texan genetics company, Keida Biotech, ran human trials with a new bacteria strain that was meant to allow eternal life. Those that participated in the companies trials died within weeks. The town mourned as they buried their loved ones, but days later the dead began to rise from their graves.

Now the dead are fighting back and Texas has been quarantined by the authorities. The remaining humans have set up survival camps trying to fend off the zombie attacks to buy them time before their inevitable doom. read more

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IRL Zombie Shootout

Patient 0, soon to become the worlds first live-action zombie experience is about to hit off in Melbourne, Australia at the end of October.

The shoot out takes place in an abandoned factory, set out as a medical facility where a zombie outbreak has occured. Teams of 6 are sent in to play as the Special Forces whose goal is to control, solve and eliminate the break out.

Each player is armed with custom M4 assault rifles cleverly built with new infrared system technology that will assist in recording the gaming statistics such as hits, ammunition and misses.

This is an event not to be missed by those hard core zombie and gaming fanatics.


Posted at 2012-10-23

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