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The Story

A Texan genetics company, Keida Biotech, ran human trials with a new bacteria strain that was meant to allow eternal life. Those that participated in the companies trials died within weeks. The town mourned as they buried their loved ones, but days later the dead began to rise from their graves.

Now the dead are fighting back and Texas has been quarantined by the authorities. The remaining humans have set up survival camps trying to fend off the zombie attacks to buy them time before their inevitable doom. read more

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A Wedding To Remember

Every bride dreams of having a wedding day that everyone will remember, and we reckon Jennifer McCubbin has made that dream come true!

On Halloween 2012, McCubbin and her now husband, Thomas Teske, vowed 'I do' outside the the Burleigh County Courthouse - wait for it - dressed as Zombies.

Being a huge zombie fanatic, McCubbin, came up with the idea to make her special day unique. Teske said he was on "on board with it right away" starting with some light research watching any zombie movie and series he could find.

With guests enthusiastic about the theme calling the idea "cool" we don't think any one will be forgetting this wedding any time soon.

Source: The Bismarck Tribune

Posted at 2012-11-01

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