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The Story

A Texan genetics company, Keida Biotech, ran human trials with a new bacteria strain that was meant to allow eternal life. Those that participated in the companies trials died within weeks. The town mourned as they buried their loved ones, but days later the dead began to rise from their graves.

Now the dead are fighting back and Texas has been quarantined by the authorities. The remaining humans have set up survival camps trying to fend off the zombie attacks to buy them time before their inevitable doom. read more

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Amazon Prepares For The Zombie Apocalypse

Amazon has put their hand up to protect us from, what some would say, the inevitable doom of the Zombie Apocalypse.

Cleverly and unashamedly jumping on to the band wagon of the booming zombie scene they prepare us with items ranging from 'brain protection' to first aid supplies, along with an almost endless supply of reference books and films.

If there is anything we need for during the apocalypse, it looks like they've got us covered.

Source: The Next Web

Posted at 2012-11-13

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